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How do you purchase lines?

All lines can be purchased directly through the official Text Trove Discord server by opening a support ticket! We use Stripe to handle all billing to ensure your payments are secure.

What are the minimum number of lines that can be purchased?

We sell lines in packages of 8 at a time, so the smallest order will always be at least 8 lines.

How many lines are currently available for sale?

We provide updates on our Discord server when new lines become available for sale. Be sure to keep notifications on!

Are my lines always active?

No – you will need to activate your lines yourself by selecting the ‘Activate’ toggle on your dashboard. All outstanding messages received by the lines will then populate to the dashboard for your review.

How long will the lines stay active for?

You can switch between your lines to choose which you would like to be active. They can be long as long as you'd like!

How do I contact support or ask any additional questions?

Head to the Text Trove Discord server and we would be more than happy to answer your questions in the chat or through a support ticket!